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Breach of Contract

Whether you realize it or not, contracts are part of our everyday life. Whether it be the agreement that you sign with your cell phone provider, the terms and conditions box that you blindly check off on social media sites, or agreements you enter into as part of your business activities. In Florida, the law recognizes both oral and written contractual agreements. Many people don’t fully understand the terms and clauses in a contract that they have signed until there is a breach by a party thereof.

The elements for a breach of contract action are:

  1. The existence of a contract;
  2. A breach of the contract; and
  3. Damages resulting from the breach.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re in or how large (or small) your company is, the contracts you sign with your partners, clients, vendors, etc., are essential for helping to ensure that your business interests are protected and to avoid problems which may arise in the future. A dispute or breach of contract is serious and could affect you personally, your business, and leave you vulnerable and open to liability, unrecoverable damages, and litigation.

Whether it’s a signed and executed contract or even just an oral agreement, breach of contract actions are governed by Florida law and typically binds the parties to whatever is agreed upon, giving deference and enforcing clauses and provisions which have been reduced to writing. This means that when one of the parties breaches the contract or there is some dispute over it, there are legal resources available to you so that you can appropriately protect yourself, your assets, and/or your business. However, it takes a qualified attorney skilled in contractual disputes and business litigation to provide the most optimal representation in a legal proceeding and ensure the other party is held accountable.

The attorneys at Legal Advocates, PLLC have successfully represented clients in Palm Beach and Broward counties and prevailed in numerous cases involving breach of contract and business tort claims. Our attorneys represent both businesses and individuals in contract disputes and have significant experience in this area of law. If you would like to discuss your legal rights, contact Legal Advocates, PLLC today.

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