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Business Formation and Business Contracts

We encourage business owners to think of contractual agreements as relationship building blocks. A standard business has a contractual relationship with its employees, customers, and vendors. Reasonable people often have misguided understandings about the terms of their business relationship(s). Many of those misunderstandings can often lead to issues and disputes; even when the other party was someone who they initially trusted; friends, family, business acquaintances, etc. Those disputes often lead to costly litigation, loss of relationships, reduction of productivity and unnecessary stress.

A professionally drafted and properly executed contractual agreement will assist business owners to manage risk, avoid unnecessary issues and disputes, limit liability, and evade unnecessary legal fees. In our experience, people who are diligent and take the time to have a contractual agreement written and executed, grow their businesses more efficiently and sell them on better terms. At Legal Advocates, PLLC, we can help you gauge what business relationships you have or are contemplating entering into and which of those are apt to be reduced to writing. Because we have drafted and reviewed a vast array of contractual agreements for a variety industries, we can appropriately create all the documentation you made need to fit your circumstances.

When drafting a business contractual agreement, it is imperative that everything is put in writing as specifically as possible so that each party knows exactly what is required and expected of them. The contractual obligations of each party need to be described in detail to avoid potential misguided understandings which may arise at a later time. If there are any words that could potentially be misconstrued or any terms that might be ambiguous, parties should be sure to appropriately define them within the contract.

Elements of a Business Contract

A carefully composed business contractual agreement will protect both parties, clearly describe each detail of the agreement, and contain these essential components:

  • An offer and an acceptance;
  • Consideration – Both parties must receive something of value from the agreement;
  • The understanding of both parties that this is a legal binding agreement;
  • All parties must have the legal capacity to enter into the contractual agreement;
  • A statement of purpose of the contractual agreement;
  • An explanation of the obligations and duties of each of the parties involved;
  • Rights granted to each party related to the agreement, typically in the form of representations and warranties;
  • Standard contractual language — including choice of law, severability, how to provide notices, and who will assume legal fees in the event of a dispute;
  • Signature block, including space for a notary public, if necessary.

The drafting of a business contractual agreement can often be complicated and difficult. It is essential to retain a business attorney who can assist you with the initial, final draft, and contractual review. A business attorney can also explain your duties, obligations, and responsibilities under the contract. Hiring an experienced business contract attorney will help protect your best interests throughout the entire contract process.

Whether you want to form a new business entity, create a business succession plan, or need a contract drafted/reviewed, our experienced attorneys will sit down with you to assess your situation and develop a comprehensive strategy.  Both new business ventures and existing business operations can benefit greatly from sound legal advice. Starting a business involves considering what type of business entity to organize. Each possible choice has potentially far-reaching consequences including tax implications, liability, and governance issues. Your choice of a business entity, as well as how the organizing documents are drafted, can significantly affect your profitability and exposure to liability.

What Legal Advocates, PLLC Can Do For You!

Legal Advocates, PLLC prepares and executes ironclad, legally defensible business contracts for our clients. We can also assist in filing the necessary and required documentation with the applicable governing bodies. Among the types of documents that we customarily prepare are:

  • Applications to the Department of State
  • Business Formation Agreements
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Corporate Resolutions
  • Purchasing Agreements
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Exclusivity Agreements
  • Franchise Agreements
  • Leasing Agreements
  • Employment Contracts
  • Sales Contracts
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Real Estate Documents
  • Arbitration Agreements
  • Non-compete Covenants
  • Letters of Intent

Legal Advocates, PLLC can also review your existing contractual agreements and, if necessary, modify, redraft, or have an addendum executed and incorporated therein. If you have a proposed contractual agreement already drafted, we can review it before you commit to signing it.

 The contractual agreements that you enter into are as an important an aspect as any other part of your business or dealings. Without a properly drafted agreement, you could be vulnerable and open yourself up to liability, unrecoverable damages, and litigation.

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